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Becoming a member is Easy and Simple

Our process is smooth and hassle-free, helping to take the stress out of renting and moving house.

  1. Find your verified tenants
  2. They will pay us a small membership fee instead of a lump sum depsoit.
  3. We cover you for 7 weeks worth of deposit value instead of 5 weeks.
  4. We will pay swiftly rather than a long lengthy process with protected deposits.
You Are Better Protected

Protect yourself with a higher value incase of damages or rent arrears. 7 weeks instead of 5, just because we care.

Get Paid Quicker

We pay landlords within 28 days of tenants vacating, period! With the conventional way it takes an average of 8 weeks saving you time.

We Have You Covered

Our team of legal experts and adjudicators have checked every part of our membership programme to make sure you are fully covered.

Have Happier Tenants

Our research proves tenants appreciate not paying a big upfront deposit as it allows them to spend on making your property their home.

See How Much you can save With Deposit

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Cash deposit amount: 923 Deposit fee: 184 Upfront Saving: 739!