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Become a verified tenant for only £10. Get ahead by automatically matching with properties before they go live on portals.

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Once registered you can see available viewings slots, pick one to suit you at a click of a button.

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Submit offers, documents and receive feedback from Landlords. Track and manage everything on MyHomeHub.

Zero Deposit Renting.

There is no need to pay a big a renting deposit anymore, instead pay a small monthly fee of £35. ( £55 for London)

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Report and request maintenance at a click of a button, transparently track progress and provide feedback.

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We are available 24/7 to attend to urgent emergencies which require immediate action.

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Our lettings and property management experts are always on hand to help.

Avoid paying a big deposit by paying a small monthly membership subscription instead and get renting today.

Make Your Move In 5 Simple Steps

Find your dream home effortlessly with our streamlined rental property search process

1. Get Verified

By getting verified you confirm your identity and credit status, this shows landlords your eagerness to move in and may give you an edge against other applicants.

2. Make An Offer

Once you have viewed the property and decided it's the one for you, making an offer is just a click away.

3. Sign Agreements

Signing rental agreements with your landlords is a secure and straightforward process.

4. Move In

Congratulations on securing your new home, the move in process is an exciting step.

5. Final

Congratulations on securing your new home, the move in process is an exciting step.